JULY 2011

Dear Go Vita Greenwood Good Health Club Members

Well, winter is well and truly here. The cold nights, wet days and of course those nasty winter bugs! Most common this winter is an annoying chesty cough and heavily congested lungs which seems to be lingering for 4-6 weeks and not responding to the usual anti-biotic treatment.

We have many natural alternatives which will support and stimulate the immune system, allowing your body to recover more quickly, eliminating those horrible cold and flu symptoms. In addition, they will build up your body to defend against future attacks. The body has amazing ability to repair and protect itself given the right supplemental support.

To help you in supporting and protecting you and your family against these winter "lurgies" check out the following specials we have in store this month For more deep rooted and long term immune issues, book in to see one of our qualified My Perth Naturopaths who can help you get your health back on track.





Other great specials with up to 40% off this month, include:






Rug up and stay warm on these cold winter nights (and mornings)!

We look forward to seeing you in store tomorrow and remember if you can’t make it in you can always phone through your order for collection later in the week.


Kind regards

Barry, Helen and the Eternal Health and Go Vita Greenwood Team

Go Get Healthy, Go Stay Healthy!