Fitgenes Genetic Profiling

Through its specialised process of personalised genetic profiling, the Fitgenes program analyses a range of genes to determine which nutritional and lifestyle factors influence individual health and well-being.

Fitgenes is a personalised, science based health and nutrition program that studies individual DNA profiles to tailor a customised program of lifestyle choices for optimal health and well-being. As world leaders in the field, Fitgenes does this  using the latest science and technology in the field of Nutrigenomics.

Along with the results of a quick and easy DNA assessment, a Fitgenes Certified Practitioner has the tools and resources to design a customised plan for health and wellbeing, tailored to individual body type, age and capability. The Fitgenes program acknowledges that genetics can’t be changed.  Instead, compensating for their effect is the key to managing their influence.



A Personalised Approach

The Fitgenes program is based on an individual’s DNA, so there is no scope for a one size fits all approach. This means personalised programs for vibrant healthy living and aging.

Fitgenes has developed patented systems and methodologies to deliver Nutrigenomic interventions, so Fitgenes Certified Practitioners have the resources to tailor individual health and wellbeing programs that offer positive and measurable results to their patients.

Being a world leader in the field of personalised genetic profiling, Fitgenes has lead the way in developing these processes and techniques for personalised, healthy lifestyle programs, successfully integrating the most scientifically advanced genetic profiling techniques, effectively turning science into measurable, everyday opportunities for improving nutrition, health and fitness.


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