A Comprehensive Detoxification Program is the Best Way to Achieve the Most Fundamental Improvements in Your Health
With the guidance and support of your Perth Naturopath, undertaking a Detox Program can be one of the most effective strategies for rapidly improving the state of your health.


How Does Detoxification Work?

A Detox program works by:

  • Reducing toxin exposure through dietary and lifestyle changes
  • Removing bad bacteria and waste from your digestive system
  • Renewing and rebuilding your digestive lining, as well as replacing the bad bacteria with health ones and improving your digestive function and
  • Helping your body release toxins more effectively


What is Toxicity?

Toxicity is a measure of how poisonous a substance is. Some substances are very poisonous and even a small amount can be very harmful. Many substances are only slightly poisonous and therefore small amounts are able to be consumed without harm. However, if you have a large exposure to these milder poisons (eg pesticides), then over time the can overwhelm your ability to “detoxify” or remove them from your body. Also, an exposure to several mild poisons at once is more dangerous than one at a time.

When faced with toxicity, one of the body’s defence mechanisms is to store the harmful chemicals in your ft tissue, bones and other tissue. This means that these poisons can be stored for many years in our tissues, becoming an ongoing source of ill health.

Toxins come in two broad categories, environmental (external) and endogenous (made in your body). Environmental toxins include things like heavy metals, chemicals, drugs, bacterial and microbial toxins. These are present in the air, water and food that we consume.


External Toxins

  • Alcohol
  • Air Pollution
  • Building Materials and Furnishings such as paint solvents and formaldehyde
  • Cigarettes – cadmium etc
  • Food Chemicals – additives and contaminants
  • Herbicides – 2, 4-D, paraquat, glyphosphate
  • Household Goods – cleaning solvents etc
  • Pesticides – termite control, Aldrin, Chlordane, DDT etc
  • Radiation – TV and computer
  • Traffic Fumes
  • Water – chlorine and fluorine

Endogenous toxins include hormones and other chemicals that are produced in the body, and chemicals produced by bacteria in your digestive system that enter your bloodstream.

Internal Toxins

  • Dysbiosis – bad gut bugs
  • Free Radicals
  • Sugar Toxicity
  • Stress
  • Maldigestion – leaky gut


Symptoms and Signs of Toxicity

Any disease can be made worse by toxicity, however, some of the most common signs and symptoms of too much toxicity in the body include:

  • Recurrent headaches
  • Muscle aching and weakness
  • Nerve pain or numbness
  • Recurrent infections
  • Poor short-term memory and concentration
  • Sensitivity to environmental chemicals, odours and/or nutritional supplements
  • Chronic fatigue and lethargy
  • Anxiety and/or mood swings


Why Do Some People Get Sick From Toxicity and Some Don’t?

There are two factors that influence the toxic load your body is under and the impact this has on your health. The first is the amount and type of toxin that you are exposed to. The second is the resources your body has to deal with it, or how well you “detoxify”.

That is why two people with similar toxic exposure can respond very differently, with one having no noticeable effects and the other developing chronic illness. The first person has a better capacity to detoxify. A well designed detox program is designed to address both issues, by reducing your toxic exposure, and also improving your detoxification ability.

Factors that influence detoxification capacity are:

  • Liver function
  • Kidney function
  • Nutrient intake and stores
  • Bowel function
  • Acid/Alkaline balance of the body
  • Stress levels
  • Sleep and rest
  • Digestion and absorption of food


What is the Safest Way to Remove Toxins?

When detoxifying your body, it is important that all the key detoxification organs and/or systems within the body are cleansed. It is also vitally important for optimal detoxification that each of these organs and/or body systems is treated in the correct order, otherwise you may experience unpleasant side effects from your detox. Additionally, you may end up with few if any of the health benefits that a good detox program can offer.

The naturopaths at Eternal Health use an Integrated Detoxification Program that addresses each of the key organs and body systems in a systematic way to ensure you detoxify and get the best results.



Good Health Starts With a Health Digestive System

Natural healthcare professionals have always taught that the digestive system is the source of health and disease, and our modern scientific understanding has proven this to be the case. This means of course, that you cannot successfully detoxify the body without having treated the digestive system and repaired the lining of the digestive tract. If you do not treat the digestive system first it is like replacing the oil in your car without replacing the filter; the oil is going to be ruined very quickly.

Most people with toxicity develop a problem called “leaky-gut syndrome” – also known as increased intestinal permeability. In a healthy digestive system, the lining of the digestive system is a very good filter, allowing beneficial nutrients like vitamins and amino acids to pass into the bloodstream, whilst keeping toxic bacteria and waste products of digestion within the bowel.

This filter is easily damaged by infection, medications, bad bacteria, yeasts and parasites, which then led to the unregulated transport of large quantities of partially digested foods and waste into the body. This places a tremendous stress on the other detoxification organs in the body – the liver and kidneys.

Eventually, a percentage of this material escapes capture by the liver and kidneys and ends up entering the general circulation, where it can lead to many of the symptoms of toxicity. As a result, “leady gut syndrome” results in a great deal of stress upon the immune system, the liver and virtually every other organ or system of the body.

This is why an Integrated Detoxification Program starts with treatment for the digestive system.


Liver Support for Best Results

Your liver is your major detoxification organ. Your liver filters toxins out of the bloodstream and processes them so that they are able to be excreted via your bowels or urine. To remove all the toxins out of your body, you must have optimal liver function.

The Integrated Detoxification Program followed at Eternal Health Perth includes an extensive range of natural herbal extracts and nutrients to ensure your liver is functioning optimally.


Healthy Kidneys are the Key

Your kidneys are also vital for detoxification, as the toxins that are processed by the liver are often excreted via the kidneys, into the urine. More substances are eliminated from the body via the kidneys than by any other route. Fortunately, there are many key nutrients which can be taken during a Detox Program to assist with the detoxification processes within the kidneys.


Acid/Alkaline Balance Important for Detoxification

Balancing the acidity and alkalinity of your body is also important in the detoxification process. The balance of acid and alkali in your body needs to be maintained for optimal health and detoxification. Many people living a Western lifestyle have a slightly acidic system, which can impair their detoxification capacity. Alkalization of your body will enhance toxin excretion.

Your naturopath will recommend key nutrients and herbs to ensure your body has good acid/alkaline balance.


Integrated Detoxification Program

To ensure the best possible results for you, your detox program will take place in 3 stages and will be closely monitored by your naturopath.

  • Stage One: Remove – This stage treats the digestive system first and foremost and acts to remove bad bacteria and waste from your digestive system.
  • Stage Two: Renew – This stage focuses on your digestive system and kidneys, and also works on alkalizing your body. In this stage you will be renewing and rebuilding your digestive lining, as well as replacing the bad bacteria with healthy ones and improving your digestive function.
  • Stage Three: Release – The final stage of the detox focuses on supporting your liver and helping your body release toxins more effectively.


Tests to Measure Toxicity

Before you begin the detox program, there are a number of simple tests that your health practitioner will do to assess the level of toxicity in your body, and to monitor your progress.

Your Perth naturopath may conduct some or all of the tests below to monitor your toxin levels. This will also help determine how long you will need to follow the program for.

  • Urinary Indican – Tests for levels of bad bacteria in your digestive system.
  • Zinc Tally – Tests your level of zinc, an important detoxification mineral.
  • Hemaview or Live Blood Analysis – Assesses toxicity by looking at your blood cells.
  • VLA, Bioimpedence Analysis or Cellular Health Analysis – Measures cell function and inflammation.
  • Additional Testing – your naturopath may also recommend external pathology test such as Hair Mineral Analysis, Salivary Hormone Analysis or DNA Function Profile Stool Analysis for specific situations.


FAQ’s on Detox

Why does our Detoxification program take 6-12 weeks to complete, when there are one week and even 3-day detox programs available?

Shorter programs generally focus purely on liver detoxification. Whilst they may provide some temporary benefits, they do not address the possibility of “leaky gut syndrome”. This means that the symptoms of toxicity are likely to return, and there is a significant risk of major side-effects. These side-effects can include nausea, headaches, fatigue, diarrhea and aggravation of other health issues. The symptoms are a sign that toxins and free radicals are being released too quickly and are damaging your body.

What do I do if the diet or supplements make me feel unwell?

It is not unusual when you are changing your diet and lifestyle to notice a few mild digestive symptoms like nausea or wind. If you find that you are experiencing more severe symptoms then speak to your Naturopath, they may recommend you reduce your dose of supplements for a few days to a week and then bring back to the recommended level when the symptoms have settled down. If you are concerned, discuss your symptoms with your Naturopath.