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Detox Diet Perth Call Us Now 08 9203 9322 One of the greatest impacts you can have on your health is to improve the quality of your diet, both during your detox program and afterwards as well.

Your naturopath will recommend a plan based on your individual requirements. This will ensure that you are eating the right foods for your body in order to maximize the detoxification process.

There are many diets and dietary recommendations available, as well as some great recipe ideas to make your new diet easier. The good news is that all the eating recommendations you will need to follow during your detox are designed to be both achievable and effective.

The individualized plan chosen by your naturopath will leave you with plenty of energy for work, study, running a home or whatever else you choose to do. It will be easy to implement and will have you feeling great in no time.

Keep in mind, the average human eats 25 million kilograms of food over a lifetime! It is extraordinary that your body can take the diverse (and often downright awful) supply of food that it is provided with, turn it into nutrients to run your body, and remove the waste products.


Planning is the key to success! Your naturopath will provide you with a shopping guide based on your blood group and individual requirements.

These hints and tips will help you adjust to the healthy eating plan you need to follow during your program.

  • When shopping, always look for fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables. You may be able to get some great buys at the local growers markets or the nearby fruit and veggie shop. It is always preferable to buy organic produce when you can.
  • Remember to avoid packaged and processed foods as much as possible.
  • It is important to eliminate foods containing artificial colours, flavours, additives, stabilisers and flavor enhancers, as well as foods containing hydrogenated fats. This information is usually contained in the ingredients list on the food label.
  • Read the ingredients list to ensure that the food does not contain high amounts of saturated fat, gluten and/or sugar. Sugar can be in the form of glucose, sucrose, fructose, corn syrup, maltodextrin, dextrose, malt syrup, molasses, maltose, lactose, and honey.
  • Fresh vegetable juice makes a great addition to the detox diet. If you own a juicer try juicing carrots, apples, ginger, fresh beetroot, celery and lemons.
  • Choose soy milk that is made from whole soy beans (not soy isolates) and is low in sugars and free from preservatives. Good quality brands include Vita Soy and Australia’s Own. If you prefer rice milk, then both Vita Soy and Australia’s Own also produce a good brand of rice milk.
  • Only buy exactly what is on your shopping list and nothing more. Yes, it will take some discipline but the rewards will be more than worth it!

Detox Diet Perth Call Us Now 08 9203 9322