check list deluxe

Deluxe Website Checklist – components we need from you to build your website.

Please complete yellow sections and email us back with any attachments (if applicable) to [email protected]  with the following subject: Your name: Deluxe website checklist

  1. Domain name of your site – A registered domain name and its login details (username and password). We use and recommend Domain Central to register domain names. You will need to go to Domain Central, purchase domain name and send us your login details.  If you already have a domain name purchased, simply send us the details.
  2. Your Domain name registrar:  Domain Central
    Password: BHA4711

  3. Hosting – we will host your site for $10/month, please sign up for it here. When you email us this checklist please include your Paypal transaction ID once you purchase.
  4. Your hosting payment transaction ID from Paypal: Recurring Payment Sent (ID Number7N40978083606080F)

  5. Images/Graphics – If you have any images that you would like us to use, please send them through. Otherwise we will organise graphics ourselves according to your niche. Please let us know which you prefer.
  6. Your comments: Have already forwarded some banners and the sunflower logo but there are some other istock photos we really like and hope they could somehow be incorporated to form a more modern-looking banner. I have attached the photos in the email. You may have some others and we are open to ideas here.

  7. Autoresponder/name capture functionality to grow your list. We recommend and use Aweber for all our autoresponders, name capture and opt-in forms. If you don’t have Aweber account, signup here and send us your username and password. To create a trusting relationship with your prospects without having to speak to them directly you will need a free report or newletter feature.
  8. Aweber Username: barelen
    Aweber Password:

  9. Contents – We need all contents for these pages (in Microsoft Word format): Home, About Us, FAQ, Contact, Testimonials, Services, Products (optional), Special offer (optional), Find us (optional); more specifically: SEE ATTACHED FILES IN EMAIL
    1. Home: short summary of your business, welcome note and/or short welcome video message.
    2. About Us: who you are, where are you based, what you specialize in, how many years in business (experience) any certifications or qualifications to support it (if applicable); short bio.
    3. FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions regarding services, payments and business specific questions based on your experience.
    4. Contact: your contact information- phone, email (we will setup [email protected]), physical address.
    5. Testimonials: any past happy client testimonials, you may need to contact them as testimonials are vital and critical ways to build rapport and trust through your site.
    6. Services: what are the main services that you offer – need to be specific and descriptive (what are people likely to look for when searching for your business); eg: mobile personal training, one on one training, group training. Please write a few sentences on each service.
    7. Products:  basic products page with ability to sell via Paypal. (Note: full shopping cart functionality is available at extra cost)
    8. Special offer: you may have a seasonal or limited offer you want to promote.
    9. Find us: send us your address and we will include a map on this page so people can easily find you


  10. Google Analytics – helps you analyse your website’s traffic and marketing effectiveness. We will install this on your site and show you how to use it. Please send us your username and password (if you already have a Gmail or Google Adwords account – it would be same logins that we’re after)
  11. Google Analytics Username: [email protected]
    Google Analytics Password:

  12. Keyword Analysis – to help us better understand your business and optimise your website for specific keywords please complete this questionnaire and email it back to us.

    Other comments:

    NOTE: Please allow up to 2 weeks for your site to be created.

    If you have any questions feel free to email us at [email protected]