Bio Impedance

 What is Bio-Impedance Analysis?

Bio-Impedance Analysis (as seen on A Current Affair) enables you to maximize your weight loss, optimize your training, increase your vitality and fine tune your nutrition to create a better body and slow the ageing process. Your Eternal Health Practitioner is a specialist in the use of Bio-Impedance Analysis (BIA).

Bio-Impedance Analysis – BIA

BIA is a science that was originally developed for monitoring patients after surgery in a hospital setting. Your Practitioner will apply 4 small adhesive patches to your hands and feet to help gain the required information.
This is a simple and painless procedure which provides your Practitioner with insight into aspects of your health such as how much fat and muscle that you have in your body. BIA can also help your Practitioner to monitor your cellular health and energy levels.


Bio-Impedance Analysis Monitor


What do biomarkers tell you about your health?

Biomarkers are parameters that measure an aspect of your health. They enable your Practitioner to measure your:
  • Fat Mass
  • Muscle Mass
  • Hydration Levels
  • Energy Production
  • Cellular Health
For most patients, the common biomarkers that are of particular interest are the amount of fat, muscle and water that you have in your body. But more importantly, it enables your practitioner to measure your response to our treatment. No other test provides all of this information so quickly and easily.
Patients undertaking weight loss, energy rejuvenation or sports nutrition programs will find the ongoing monitoring of these biomarkers invaluable in the attainment of your goals.


Looking to lose weight, increase muscle mass, gain more vitality, live longer?

Your Naturopathic Practitioner is one of a select group of Healthcare Professionals who have received extensive training in maximizing healthy ageing and improving vitality making them ideally suited to help you achieve your health goals.
Your Naturopath is the best person to advise you on the most appropriate approach for you. They will take into account your health history and goals in order to design a program to assist you with weight loss, increased muscle mass or improved energy levels but most importantly to ensure that your body is ageing as healthily as possible.


Who will benefit from a Vitality and Healthy Ageing Assessment?

People who may benefit from a vitality and healthy ageing program include those who want to:
  • Manage their weight more effectively
  • Increase muscle tone and fitness
  • Improve energy levels
  • Support healthy ageing
  • Support the health and nutrition of their cells


Preparation for the Test

To get the most accurate results:
  • Empty your bladder before the test.
  • Allow yourself 10 minutes to sit down before the test and drink a glass of water.
  • Avoid alcohol for 12 hours before the test.
  • Don't use moisturiser on your arms or legs.
  • In order to perform the test you must have no covering on one of your feet – so make sure you can fully remove your shoe, sock and/or stocking from one foot.
  • Height, waist and wrist measurements will be taken, in addition to your current weight.


What will I receive?

Your Naturopathic Practitioner will perform the BIA test and then enter your results into a computer. You will be given a computerised report of your health, including your key biomarkers.
Your Naturopath will use the information to design a program specifically for your needs. Nutritional supplements, exercise recommendations and dietary advice will be provided, giving your body the building blocks for maximum health and energy.
Over time, your results can be compared, so that you and Naturopath have a very clear picture of your progress and where necessary adjustments can be made to improve particular biomarkers.

How do I find out more about Bio-Impedance Analysis?

If you want to take the next step to improving your health and wellbeing, call one of our friendly staff at Eternal Health on 9203 9322. They can advise you about BIA and tell you more about how it can benefit you.

Technical Information Relating to Bio-Impedance Analysis – BIA

Bio- Impedance Analysis (BIA) measures the impedance or opposition to the flow of an electric current through the body fluids contained mainly in the lean and fat tissue. Impedance is low in lean tissue, where intra-cellular and extra-celllular fluid and electrolytes are primarily contained, but high in fat tissue. Impedance is thus proportional to body water volume (TBW).

In practice, a small constant current, typically 400 uA at a fixed frequency, usually 50 kHz, is passed between electrodes spanning the body and the voltage drop between electrodes provides a measure of impedance.
Prediction equations, previously generated by correlating impedance measures against an independent estimate of TBW, may be used subsequently to convert a measured impedance to a corresponding estimate of TBW.
Lean body mass is then calculated from this estimate using an assumed hydration fraction for lean tissue. Fat mass is calculated as the difference between body weight and lean body mass.
The impedance of a biological tissue comprises two components, the resistance and the reactance. The conductive characteristics of body fluids provide the resistive component, whereas the cell membranes, acting as imperfect capacitors, contribute a frequency-dependent reactive component.
By measuring the impedance at 50 kHz and 200 kHz and by applying predictive equations, it is possible to estimate both extra-cellular water (ECW) and TBW respectively and by deduction, intra-cellular water (ICW). ECW can be related to extra-cellular mass (ECM) and ICW to body cell mass (BCM).

Validation of Bio-Impedance Technology

Bio-impedance analysis has been correlated most frequently against either hydrostatic weighing or isotope dilution as the "gold standard". Most commercial machines are supplied with proprietary prediction equations, the details of which are hidden from the user within the software of the machine.

In addition, many prediction algorithms have been published in the bio-medical press. All prediction equations include height, as a surrogate measure for the inter-electrode distance, but may also include, weight, sex or age as variables.
Many studies have been undertaken not only to validate particular prediction equations but also to identify other variables which may improve the quality of the predictor. The overall precision of any given prediction equation is the sum of the precisions associated with each independent variable.

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