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My Perth Naturopath is one of Perth’s Leading Naturopathic Clinics


We have 2 convenient locations in the northern suburbs:

Greenwood Village Shopping Centre in Greenwood 08 9203 9322

Currambine Central in Currambine 08 9304 2413


Our team of highly qualified Naturopaths is committed to meeting your health needs by delivering Professional Service and Quality Advice with treatment plans specific to your “individual” requirements and medical history.

Your Perth Naturopath will provide a comprehensive consultation with an evidence-based therapeutic approach, incorporating visual-educational means of identifying common health issues within the human body, including Live Blood Screening and Cellular Health Analysis (VLA), Iridology and Flower Remedy Assessments.

You will be assisted to manage your symptoms, while addressing the underlying causes of your health issues through an individually customised treatment protocol that suits both your needs and your lifestyle.

              Naturopath Perth has a team of highly qualified Naturopaths offering                     a wide range of Naturopathic Services 6 days a week.

9am – 6pm Monday-Friday

9am – 8pm Thursday

9am – 5pm Saturday




Lisa Crowley N.D.

Advanced Diploma Naturopathy, Cert III Health Service Assistant (Nutrition and Dietetic), Theta Healing Basic / Advanced DNA Practitioner, Theta Healing Rainbow Children's Instructor. Member: Australian Traditional Medicine Society

Lisa is a qualified Naturopath and Theta Healing Practitioner. She has been working in the Health Industry for over seven years and is highly passionate about educating people on how to achieve their optimal health desires. Lisa likes to practise what she preaches and her motto is, “Moderation is the Key to Balance”. This encompasses all aspects of life; physical, emotional and spiritual.

Lisa has a special interest in weight loss, detoxification,children's health and neurological disorders, including: stress, anxiety and other emotional health issues. She likes to incorporate the modalities of both Naturopathy and Theta Healing to her approach in achieving positive health outcomes for all her clients. Each treatment protocol is individually unique, incorporating the use of herbs, natural flower remedies and nutritional support, specifically tailored to meet your personal and lifestyle needs.

Even if you don’t have a specific medical condition or health concern, natural medicine is an ideal health care alternative to achieving optimal health. Lisa enjoys working with clients to focus on prevention of disease and can help you achieve more energy and vitality to meet the demands of modern life.

Lisa has a caring and compassionate approach, and offers her patients a comprehensive and thorough assessment of their health. She is known for her dedication to research and continuing education to improve her knowledge. Lisa enjoys the challenge of assisting her clients on the journey to improved health and wellbeing.


Katrina Weeding N.D.

(Advanced Diploma of Applied Science in Naturopathy)

Katrina is a Registered Naturopath with more than 10 years experience, specialising in Live Blood Screening, Bio-Impedence Technology (VLA Cellular Health Analysis), Herbal Medicine, Flower Remedies, Nutritional Supplements and Dietary Advice. With two young children of her own, she is well-equipped to offer specialized advice on pregnancy, fertility and childhood illnesses.

Other areas of expertise include a range of hormonal disorders (both female and male), natural hormone modulators and replacements, as well as digestion issues, immune dysfunction, liver toxicity, heavy metal poisoning plus a wide and varied knowledge of other common yet complex health conditions.

She has a caring, helpful and non-judgmental approach to any health issue and prides herself on providing detailed information, the latest research and valuable dietary and lifestyle advice for complete “holistic” management of the health and well-being of your body and mind.


Barry Andrews Dip.H.M, Cert.Nutr.

(Diploma of Herbal Medicine & Sports Nutrition)

The Eternal Health Practice commenced operations in 1999 under the guidance of highly regarded, Medical Herbalist, Barry Andrews. Barry has been involved in the health industry for over 30 years and in addition to his Diploma of Herbal Medicine, he is best known for his expertise in the area of Live Blood Analysis, more commonly referred to as Hemaview.

Barry is a qualified nutritionist who specialises in men’s health and in particular, the field of sports nutrition. Barry Andrews has been awarded a National Herbalist Association of Australia (NHAA) award for "Outstanding Herbal Medicine in Clinical Practice". He has written for the National Healthy Life Magazine and lectured at the Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine.


Private Health Rebates Apply for Naturopathic Consultations

Our therapists are highly qualified and are registered providers for private health rebates. HBF, Medibank Private, SGIO, HIF, and many more Depending on your level of cover you should receive a rebate between $40-$60 for each consultation.

Eternal Health Practitioner Fee Schedule

Choose from the following options

Comprehensive Initial Consultation $150
Consultation includes an Assessment of your Health History, as well as some or all of the following based on your specific health needs; Iridology, Skin and Nail Analysis, Zinc and Iodine Tests, BMI & BMA Assessment, Urine Analysis.

Initial Consultation with Hemaview $185
Consult as above plus Live Blood Screening

Initial Consultation with Hemaview and VLA $225
Consult as above plus Live Blood Screening and Cellular Health Analysis

Initial Consultation with Deluxe Hemaview $345
Consult as above plus Comprehensive Live Blood Screening with Barry Andrews
(Only available Tues, Wed & Thurs afternoons)

Patient Protocol Plan – Complimentary
Included in the initial consultation fee, each patient will receive an individually prepared nutritional plan with dietary recommendations, nutritional supplements and exercise program.

Review Consultations
Detox, Health and Nutritional Review Consultations
30 min – $75
60 min – $150

Hemaview or VLA Review (In addition to Follow-Up Consult Fee) $40

Please Note: A $25 cancellation or no-show fee may be charged at the discretion of the Practitioner